GUI issue : Black bands convering popup-menus

All the popup menus have black bands covering most of the text in the menu. Windows 10. Tried both BitWig and Reaper… same issue. See screenshot.

Try turning off OpenGL.
In Windows from start/search search for and open ScalerSettings and turned off OpenGL. That should help.

No effect.

I should have put that in the original post. I saw other issues that suggested turning off OpenGL rendering.

In my case, having OpenGL on or off makes no difference. Same black bands.

Is that for ALL menus? In the exact position as a cross? I’ve not seen anything like that before. Which version of Scaler? What’s your video card?

Yep, all the pop-up menus.

I have the trial version of 2.8.2

The video card is an ATI Radeon Pro W5500

Hopefully one of the Devs will answer soon. Has me stumped since I haven’t come across it before.