Guitar Chord Diagrams - add from custom chords

Hey guys, amazing work on Scaler for iPad.
For the guitar view: at the moment if I input some chords “by hand” on the fretboard the app will not be able to show a diagram for it since it relies on a library of pre-existing shapes. I think it’d be great to add diagrams derived from the “custom chord” the user created.

Also how is it possible to turn off the octave repetition all over the fretboard?
The bottom line suggestions for me is: offer the possibility of working with unique, custom generated voicings so Scaler becomes an amazing guitar songwriting arsenal!

What do you guys think? thanks!

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Thanks @rudy3d Good feedback and noted. Thank you.

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Would be great to recognize dadgad chord

Don’t know it you want to spend $50 but I use ChordWizard gold 2.5 w/ Loopbe midi (free download) to get it into my DAW. All guitar chords, relationships, scales, custom chords,correct diagrams and inversions. Scaler detects and works perfectly with it .Simply use 1/2 the screen for ChordWizard and 1/2 for the DAW.

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