Guitar Chords again

I would still like to change this. I don’t mean the chord part of the guitar, which also needs an update to make it better. I mean this because I take e.g. G major, but nobody usually plays like that on the guitar. There are many common ways. I mean it would automatically show the chord for the guitar that you designed for the piano. A chord that could be played on a guitar. From the fingerboard of a few. I don’t even mean the feature that is in Scaler. In addition, chord translations.

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New to scaler, so I was expecting “guitar voicing” would take care of it. If we could edit on the fretboard and save… that would helpt! I may still find that as I learn more. Dunno…

I posted about this over a year ago (“campfire chords”) and yes - while Scalar while tends to be king when it comes to creating chords for keyboards - it seems (even after update after update) that the Scalar crew has no one on staff that has any idea what guitar players do at any time.

You nailed it - if I am in Guitar mode at first position - I expect to start with the Mel Bay Super Simple chords that we all know and love - AND nothing more.

I also expect if I choose an open G Major chord to start with and drag it to my DAW (Studio One) - that the midi notes created are the 6 notes that are in a Mel Bay Grade 1 Music book open G chord. I do not wish to spend time editing, removing or changing any notes. I should be able to drag that G in and get:

G on the 6th String
B on the 5th String
D (Open 4th String)
G (Open Third String)
B (Open 2nd string)
G on 1st String.

And all other simple first position chords (C, A, D, D7 etc) should resolve to the same.

But they do not.


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Actually they have one, at least
And I hope that the next major release will home some good news about features for instruments different from keyboards (even woodwinds are neglected BTW)

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