Guitar Voicings

Perhaps I am missing something here as I know you can show a fretboard but is there a way to specify Guitar voicing? There is certainly a lot of flexibility in voicing but having them tagged as for guitar would be very helpful since voicing are very different on guitar vs keyboards. I see this has been requested back in June of 2019 and would like to reiterate the value of adding this.

Thanks for a great program!!


+1 to this. I am primarily a guitar player (still mediocre, but better than piano.) Having fretboard voicing options would be a great way to work with more interesting and complex chords with Scaler’s help, and be able to find their place more easily on the guitar neck and avoid the “cowboy chords.”

EDIT: This post clarifies some things (and is what I’ve noticed.) Guitar Display interpretation (Newbie) - #3 by MiR

And something akin to a guitar chord chart would be useful for people who want to use Scaler for composition, and eventually play on the guitar.