Has anyone categorized the stock artist chord sets?

If so, has anyone posted a list anywhere? I don’t want to have to crawl through all of the chord sets. It would be helpful to know which artists fit (more or less) into which genre(s). :blush:

Hi @minor7flat5 and welcome to the forum. I’m not sure one exists and many of our artists crossover into a few genres. Thankfully we have a new tags system coming Q4 this year.

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@davide Thanks for the reply. I wish it were coming sooner! But I’m glad it’s coming.

I treat the artist lists as a sort of random progression selector, helped by the fact that I’ve not heard of most of the artists!

I’d love a few randomize buttons in Scaler with ways to randomize progressions, performances and octaves and inversions.

@jon404 Randomization throughout the plug-in is a fantastic idea. So is using the artist chord sets as a random progression selector. I’ll have to remember that.

Unfortunately, my current project is genre-specific. For that reason, categorization (even if loose) would allow me to easily identify the sets that would most likely suit this project, rather than guessing or stepping through all of the sets.