Has anyone used Scaler 2.5 to drive ChordPotion to drive a VST?

Not sure if this is possible but thought I’d ask anyway.

I am wondering if it is possible to set up the chord progression in Scaler and route that to ChordPotion and route that to a VST.
Does this work and if so, can you explain how you set this up and route the ins and outs?


Yes, and it works very well for me.
The connections, exactly as you said.
From Scaler to ChordPotion, and from ChordPotion to a Vst
Note: ChordPotion, like Scaler, has an internal synthesizer. You can set the sounds of both to OFF so that only the final Vsti sounds.
In ChordPotion you can send to different channels. Another thing: you can set up to 12 different interpretations, and switch from one to another using the lowest notes of your midi keyboard.

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Thank you for confirming. I tried a few things yesterday but it was not working so I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m actually using the demo of ChordPotion so I wasn’t sure if there is a limitation other than what it states on their site. Now that I know it works, I plan to get ChordPotion. Thanks again for your help!

As @jjfagot stated, this works really fine. I used demo ChordPotion for a few days and bought it yesterday. It is so rich for melodies! On packages page of their site, you can download for free template packages such as guitars, odd rhythms, reggae etc. Very interesting although I just scratched the surface.

Yeah, I was looking at those templates but have not downloaded them yet. Was messing around with Scaler and ChordPotion and came up with interesting stuff. I also purchased ChordPortion and MelodicFlow a few hours ago. I have ChordPotion working to satisfaction but I need to check out the videos for MelodicFlow again. Having fun though.
I’m looking forward to the next version of Scaler! It has been the best software that helps me come up with ideas even though I’m only messing around for personal gratification at this point. I hope there are some new videos. I have downloaded all the videos that Davide has made so I can watch them often.
I’m also very glad that this Forum is active and I try to read all the posts to learn from others.
I was using RapidComposer and have come up with a few personal songs that I was happy with but I am really enjoying Scaler right now as it is much easier to come up with a starting point for me. I’ll probably use various combinations to see what I can come up with when I have time.
I plan to download those templates and check them out.

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Have you used the Chordpotion program yet? Is there any reason to buy it if you already own Scaler and the RC program? Does Chordpotion do something RC can’t?

I need a little help with Chordpotion, please?

As I understand it you can programme different patterns into different pages on Chordpotion and then switch between pages by using the keys C0 (=1), C#0 (=2) etc. I tried this this morning and I couldn’t get it to work. I tried this from my keyboard and using notes from a midi clip.

I have tried this in both Ableton Live 11.2 and Reaper 6.73

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

Nothing is wrong with you. I just did the same test - you need to press the physical keys C0, C0# etc. to change the page/patern in ChordPotion during recording and this works fine.

Thanks for the response, @Miki .

I was hoping to use a midi clip a per Scaler thus mitigating timing issues (my hitting the key at the wrong time).

I had to lower my keyboard to the lowest possible level (-3 octaves!) for it to work but it is working so 8 out of ten. The only issue now is my timing on hitting the keys.

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i user regions in Reaper separately for song parts e.g. verse, chorus etc. and apply ChordPotion to each region individually. So, timing is not an issue (yes, I have the same problem with timing hehe).

Now triggered from a midi clip so problem solved. YEAH

Hi Ed. How did you do it?

Hi Miki

I finally got my head around this, with your help, that the midi note for switching pages are rhe lowest on the midi input. On a midi clip these are notes 0, 1, 2, etc.

So I set up a small project on Reaper with Chordpotion and Scaler 2. I exported a simple 4-bar midi clip containg triads from Scaler which I placed on the Chordpotion track and I created two different pages in Chordpotion. I then edited the midi clip to add two short notes on midi notes 0 and 1 (on Reaper these are C -1 and C# -1). These switch Chordpotion to page 1 and page 2 respectively.

Edit: I’ve just tried this on Ableton Live 11.2 and tthe lowest notes on th eAbleton clip are C-2 and C#-2.

(Nice to have consistency across DAWs?!)

Hope this helps.

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Oh, I selected the wrong lowest notes to drive the pages in Chord Potion! Just tested with four pages as per your idea and it worked great!!

Thanks a lot @ed66.

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Great news, I think this makes Chordpotion even better.

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