HELP: midi capture not recording the right chords

hey so i just got scaler 2 today and wanted to quicky make a 4 chord progression. simple, right?

turns out not really. when i selected the E minor scale, dragged down 4 chords down to section C, looped and played it. then i hit midi capture, and dragged it to Reaper, it comes out messed up. the chords i wanted are there but with several other notes jumbled up with it. that and when i record it with just the one chord looped it doesnt even play the right notes. i have it set on performance/phases/assai/dynamic/humanize velocity.

ive honestly not idea what to do. ive been trying for hours now. if anyone could help, it would save me from this pain.

If you just want those 4 chords, switch off performance. With performance ‘on’, you are midi recording full performance (those extra notes, rythmic pattern etc) and not just chords.

Hello. Welcome HiroDream
I’m doing it in Reaper too. It works for me.
Apart from what was explained by lelek, with which I totally agree, and surely that must be your problem, I will comment a couple of things: when you go to make Midi capture, do not loop it, and press midi capture before playing . When you finish press Stop and then DRAG
When you want to make a new capture, repeat the procedure, but first press CLEAR
If you want only the chords to remain, you can duplicate Scaler: in one you leave only the chords and in the other, the perfomance
I usually do it that way, but in addition, apart from DRAG you can also send the Scalers to other VSTi instruments.

Sounds like you still have you BIND turned on after export. Turn bind off after midi capturing and dragging to DAW.

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I suspect this is why I don’t succeed either, the few times I try the MIDI drag option
I am absent-minded LOL