Help Recording Scaler Patterns in Logic Pro X

Hello… new to Scaler and looking for help.

Is there a way to record/capture Scaler MIDI patterns in to a Logic track without dragging the MIDI clip into the Logic track?

I don’t have a MIDI keyboard. I’m using my MacBook Pro and it would be so much easier to record the patterns I created directly to the track without needing to capture and then drag the clip to the track.

Hopefully Im missing something that allows direct capture… thanks.

You can, of course, record the track direct without drag-'n-drop. You can enter the midi data manually with a mouse. Some DAWs allow the Qwerty keyboard to be used as a midi keyboard.

tldr; Scaler is not preventing you from doing anything that you can normally do.

Thanks for your reply.

How do I record a pattern directly in Logic? I have Scaler’s “DAW Sync On” when I hit record in Logic the Scaler pattern plays… I hear the audio… the Playhead in Logic moves but nothing is recorded in Logic. What am I missing?

DAW sync on plays the chord progression in sync with Logic (when Logic plays, scaler also plays) this is sync only and doesn’t transmit note info to Logic. You can just hit MIDI capture drag and drop straight to Logic with whatever you have played or performed in Scaler. So if no midi keyboard just write the trigger notes in logic, midi capture, drag out.

To bad you can’t record direct… it would be much easier for me anyway to compose and experiment on the fly.

Thanks for the reply

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Its not possible when you can trigger via bound keys, its one or the other. You can always set up a External Instrument to record in Logic if scaler is set up as a midi FX. That would work

Is this external instrument business a limitation of Logc? I’ve gotten it to work really easily (scaler out from one track to instrument in on another). I just want to record the scaler output to a track and get the actual notes being played without having to who through the rigamarole of the external instrument stuff.

Is this still not possible?