Help - Scaler 2 MIDI Patterns in FL Studio

I am trying to create separate MIDI patterns for different instruments that are variations of the same chords in FL Studio.

I created an instance of Scaler 2 then played and created the first pattern ok - adding an instrument. The MIDI was captured and imported to a track 1 in FL Studio.

Then I created a second variation of the pattern - but when I export it to track 2 in FL Studio it is the exact same MIDI pattern as track 1.

So - I tried a variation of this by creating another instance of Scaler 2 then used the same chords in a pattern for track 2. When I imported this into FL Studio, it is still the same as track 1 pattern.

I am missing something I am sure. The goal is to create 3 or 4 tracks, using different instruments, that are based on variations used in Scaler 2 with the same chords or slightly different.
Any help appreciated,