HELP with restricting keyboard to specific scales

I’m having huge problems trying to get Scaler to restrict my keyboard to specific scales, for instance limiting my keyboard so that the white keys play only Persian, Harmonic Minor or other scales. I make the selection, and can see it’s made (under ‘Style’ Scaler says ‘World music, Middle Eastern, Arabic’ to indicate I’ve selected a scale, but when I play the keyboard it still gives me all the standard chromatic voicings. I’ve tried toggling between Scale Notes Mapped and Scale White Notes, etc, but the only difference is the layout of the keys: I’m still getting the entire ‘western’ scale across the keyboard. Everything else in Scaler seems to be working fine: if I selected an Artist or Song, it works as you’d expect.
Any ideas? Many thanks!

In settings:
Keys Lock ON

  • use any Keys Lock mode you want. I like “Scale Notes Mapped” or “Scale White Keys”