Help with sound issues in Scaler 2 trial version

i have downloaded the Scaler 2 trial version but have a wave of hissing sound every 30 seconds it appears on the Ableton Live Monitor only when i’m working with Scaler 2 or Scaler Audio plug in
How can i resolve this ?

The white noise is on the demo version, if you buy it & authorise the white noise is gone :ok_hand:

I’m sure they have lost sales on Scaler2 because of a lack of a warning about the White noise

Well you’re certainly not the 1st to ask how to fix ‘the noise’ so it’s probably fair to say any warning for the demo might not be sufficient. It’s worth sticking with if you like what it does though, I find it invaluable & the devs are continuing to add features (which they also did with V1). Good luck.