Here We Go Again - a mini-album created with Scaler 2

A mini-album of five tracks that Scaler users might find interesting. All of the chord progressions and harmonic modulation have been done with Scaler 2. No preset progessions, my workflow is to choose a scale/mode, populate section B and build from there. Pretty much all of the melodies and bass lines were done using keys lock set to chord notes only. I made extensive use of live suggest, but only to replace individual chords, not entire patterns.

My DAW is Studio One.

If you aren’t into trippy-prog, enter at your peril!


Some nice stuff, particularly like track 4 on a quick listen. Inspired me to do more, thanks!


Very inspiring. Nice progressions and sounds.

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Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing! I also love the album art! Cheers!

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Thank you! There is an interesting story (interesting to me, anyway) behind the artwork. In my last house I had a ceramic hob, which was cleaned with stuff called hob brite. It was squirted on, then left for a few minutes. After doing so one morning, I thought one of the rings looked like an image that could be developed into something, so I took a photo of it. I did nothing with it for a year, but when I needed some artwork for this project, I applied some artistic effects to it in PaintShop and this was the result.

I can totally relate! Many of the artwork on my Youtube music videos are based on some opportunistic snapshots postprocessed :slight_smile:

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