Hi! Questions with workflow/arrangement in the Pad View

Hi! I’m building my first song using the Chord Pad view for 4 patterns. I’m having a few issues with getting things to playback correctly.
Firstly, when in DAW Sync (Protools) my chords don’t play back in the Pads view as they do in the regular screen. I hit play on my DAW, it plays but no scaler chords…
Second issue: (I’m in pad view, now not DAW synced because above issue) My composition has 4 chords in the intro and 8 chords in Vrs 1. When I key switch after the 4th chord of the Intro, it jumps to the 5th chord of the Vrs1 instead of the 1st chord of Vrs1…
I feel like these are just simple mistakes in workflow on my end, not tech support bug issues? If anyone can nudge me in the right direction as I’m learning I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

To play your chords in order give this workflow a try.

Midi bind Section C, where I am assuming you built your chord sequence.

First practice by manually playing the chords in order.

On your keyboard press the green key which selects the intro.

Then press the 4 grey keys in order to play the 4 chords.

Then press green key to select verse and play 8 grey keys …

Now in your daw, in a midi track that sends midi to Scaler, write midi that mimics the physical keystrokes that you used to play your chords. You get to control length and rythym.

You did not use the internal “play” button in Scaler.
Turn off daw sync.
In the little Vst2 pulldown at top of Scaler you select “enable midi output”.

The basic setup in your daw is
Midi track into Scaler.
Scaler output to instrument track.

To record midi of chords (possibly with “Performances”) then enable record on the instrument track getting output from Scaler.

Hope that helps you get started.

and what are the advantages compared to the 2 lines setup below?
Scaler output to instrument track.

Using a midi track to drive Scaler when you are using Performances gives precise control of timing and note changes.

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thanks for information

To add to this the way pad view works in 2.1 is great improved in terms of selection, multi bind, play through etc. 2.1 is not too far away and there will be a video to accompany.

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the problem is that I don’t understand spoken English…
and youtube automatic subtitles are sloppy at the very best

I’d love to also do it in Italian Claudio but time is a problem. We are looking at having some content translated professionally in Japanese as that is a significant market for Scaler. I hope several of my videos can be understood in without getting all the dialogue. I’ll try and be mindful of that.

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