How can we use Scaler 2.7 as a player in the new VST 3 version of Reason 12?

I want to use Scaler 2.7 in the newest version of Reason 12 which is VST compatible. Reason has its own chord sequencers but they are no where near as sophisticated as Scaler 2.7. For the moment I can only see drag and drop capabilities. Is there a way to make it a Reason player that will drive other instruments?

I believe this is due to the way MIDI is routed in Reason. It’s not been possible and Drag and Drop is the only way. Has nothing to do with Scaler and is a Reason issue.

Just seen the post and tried, I usually use Reason Rack as a plugin = (no VST allowed). Adding a midi out after Scaler killed it. Flipping the Rack to re cable also offered me nothing.
So as you rightly stated drag and drop was the only possibility, But wow !!! when I did it with the Multivoice out enabled I got 6 separate midi channels 1-6, that was impressive. To do that elsewhere is something which requires a substantial workaround for example in in Logic, my DAW of choice.

Mac OS 12.6.1, Logic 10.7.5, Reason 12 and far too many plug-ins

Hi Jamieh,

Greetings from Singapore. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
I’ve not tried the multivoice out in either Reason or Logic yet so I’ll certainly give that a go.
A long time Logic user like you, I considered using Scaler in Reason because I’ve had a huge problem with Scaler 2.7 in Logic since I bought both a M1 Mac Pro and Mac Studio Ultra. My Scaler chord patterns go up semi tone when I record it by manually playing chord patterns using the new 'record to midi track feature in Logic. When I play the recorded midi file back however it goes back to the original chord sets.
I was told to use Logic in Rosetta mode but that defeats the whole purpose of the enhanced performance of the M1 chip. Not an option
Would you have any suggestions here? Scaler is an essential composition tool for me. I’d like to be able to use all it’s wonderful features.

Have you updated to Scaler 2.7.2 yet?

Yes! It resolved the problem. Thanks for responding.