How do I generate a Parallel Harmony?


How do I set up a Major Scale, but also its parallel minor so I can use borrowed chords from the parallel minor and insert them into predominantly major chord progressions?

I accomplish something like this by copying a major chord into Pattern 1 in Section C and then copy minor chord into Pattern 2,.

Then get into Tab mode, it’s the 3 horizontal line icon at bottom left.

And drag drop into remaining 5 pattern rows.


Thanks much for your helpful response!

The Tab page opens up a lot of possibilities.

Using the green keyswitches that control which pattern is midi bound plus applying performances to individual chords can produce some pretty sophisticated midi. Then you drag or capture into daw.

Nice. Great to hear.

Davide: any chance of a video - even a brief one - demonstrating some of the aspects we’re discussing here?
e.g, parallel harmony, modal borrowing, copying jazz standards or classical pieces that go through multiple keys, pop/rock songs that modulate in unexpected ways, etc?

Maybe also the TAB potentials for doing more adventurous composing using multiple patterns scales / modes and modes that don’t always follow circle of fifths or diatonic or mode-related sequences, etc?

I’m not sure I’m even aware of all of the possibilities within the green keyswitches!
( I’ll of course, explore these, but even a brief video would be greatly appreciated!)

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Im sorry this video has me in a tangle. I’m probably going to bite the bullet and have 3 or 4 examples in one video. Won’t be long.


Although it’s not free Rob Jones at Producer Tech has a great video tutorial on the use of Scaler 2. I highly recommend it. You can purchase it at Plug In Boutique as well. But right now Producer tech has some deals that would allow you to try out their subscription service for 14 days. Worth at least checking it out.

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