How do you "write in trigger notes?"

when I watch “scaler2 using audio detection to make a track” Davide says, at about 11 minutes,“ill click on the bind and write those trigger notes in” how is this done?

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You click the A, B or C buttons over on the right hand side of the scaler window. That makes specific notes on your MIDI keyboard trigger each Chord pad in Scaler. If memory serves it starts at Middle C and works it way up depending on how many pads you have in section A, B or C.
Go back to their Youtube channel and watch some of the older videos, as I’m sure it goes through this, that’s been a staple of how Scaler functions for as long as I can remember now.

thank you so much, appreciate all the help I CAN get

There is a good (IMHO) on-line course produced by @davide and @Tristan which I think you may benefit from.

It covers all aspects of Scaler 2.

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Thanks ed66,yes I’ve signed up to the course about 2 months ago,learned a whole truckload of stuff in the 1st module and got carried away with audio and midi files,absolutely comprehensive amount of information, I’m really stunned at the versatility of this app/plug-in ,and I just love playing with chords, it’s right up my alley, love the mathematics

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