[How?] Extract MIDI of a Phrase-based Chord Progression w/ x2 Playback

How to extract a clean/clear MIDI of a phrase-based chord progression with a x2 playback of each chord?

The MIDI, either with or without using MIDI Capture, sounds terrible - analogous to nonsensical and incoherent; muddled.

It plays fine when sync’d to the DAW (e.g. Studio One)

Thank you.

(Windows 10)

Route the MIDI from Scaler to an empty MIDI track and record it there with Scaler synced to the DAW. Then use the MIDI track as you please.
I’ve never had a problem recording MIDI capture in Scaler myself.

Make sure to turn BIND off once you’ve dragged midi to your track. Otherwise you are performing performances - analogous to nonsensical and incoherent; muddled.

Thank you @jamieh and @davide. Both are solutions although having BIND on was the root cause of the issue whereas recording to an empty track is an alternative solution.

I also just found another alternative solution which is to create MIDI notes in the piano roll of the BIND (bound) keys in Scaler. They correspond to each chord in the chord progression including its ‘Expressions’ etc. (I know you two know this; stating in this way for those who don’t :slightly_smiling_face: )

Again, thanks to you both. Issue Solved!

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