How to bind laptop keyboard to chords?

Hi guys, thank you for fantastic plugin! I’m very new to music theory and it helps A TON. In this video he binds chords from scaler 2 to the keyboard. I don’t have a midi keyboard and when I press AOEU (I have dvorak) my Ableton plays notes instead.
How do I bind keyboard keys to chords which scaler 2 identified to play along the melody which I have in Ableton? I could not find that in the manual either :confused:

Hi @wildfluss. As you may be aware you can press the ‘link’ icon on the right of one of Scaler’s sections: A, B or C to bind chords from that section to notes on your keyboard. Bound keys in Scaler 2 default to a lower octave on your keyboard as indicated by the dark keys in Scaler’s instrument panel, so when using Computer MIDI Keyboard mode in Ableton Live you may need to press the ‘z’ key on your keyboard to transpose the keys down one or more octaves to reach the bound keys.

Alternatively you can also move the bound keys up or down the keyboard on the Playback page of Scaler 2’s settings, but it’s probably easier to just transpose your computer MIDI keys.

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