How to bind the whole keyboard to scales?

I feel like this is something natural you would want but I cant find any info on this even after googling everything.

So, if you don’t use a keyboard at all, it seems natural to me that when you have a line of mono midi to be converted to chords, that you would want the whole keyboard to react to this midi. But if you stray from the 8 bound chords, you just get a dead single note.

So I’ve been exporting the chords to cthulu essentially, because this actually does that fairly simply.

But it’s tedious and I’m curious if I’ve just missed something. It’s a hard topic to google so maybe I’m just missing something huge here? Cause I would think this is like a huge usefulness to any chord program. Stuff like diatonic chords low and inversions going up. And jus the simple, set your 8 scales and then one octave up, the scales play one octave up.

And of course, just a simple drag chord to keyboard key workflow…

you can select multiple pattern tabs on bottom. you can see and test the result on top in the virtual keyboard where keys get gray when bound to a chord.

You can do this for any chord pad in Scaler. If you have Expressions turned on it will drag and drop with the chord.
Many tutorials on Youtube

I appreciate the help, but I mean a simple drag and drop to the piano key. The pad is great, but it will always map to the next key, so extra work always needs to be done to get your chord to the right keys. Say it’s Dmin. After the first drag and drop, D key will now be unmapped and Edim is now your Dmin. Idk why its prioritized this way. I get people want custom stuff, but just auto mapping Dmin to the D key seems like a no brainer…

Don’t have an answer for you, sorry. I have no issues with the way Scaler handles the Bind keys. I used to use Cthulu as well but I’ve left that far behind since I use scaler.

yeah scalar has more options, but is not really customizable. But it has that nice midi export so I’ve been just pushing over the midi to cthulu. I use some hardware synths that have 6 voices and they sound sort of odd in stereo if you dont play all 6 voices. So at least cthulu can add that in exactly what you want where you want. And once a key is saved in cthulu its always there. I guess I’ll eventually just port all of scalar to cthulu lol. But theyre both really useful tools.

You realize that you can put any chord on any pad in Section C, right. So you can have it so Dm is on the D key, etc. You can also use the black keys as well as the white keys if you change that in preferences so F#m could go on the F# key. etc. Just a thought.