How to block this!I can't stand it

This happens every time I watch YouTube.
The same language, the same music, the same introduction
I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t need it either, but it always appears.
When I open YouTube every day, every video starts with
When you want to automatically play the next video, or
It’s been going on for almost a year
I can’t stand it
How to shield

If I’m lucky YT tries to sell me scaler, most of the other times it throws me chord sets ‘used by all the best artists’ and competitor ads that promise to ‘revolutionise your music’. try an Adblock or get a YT premium sub.


Scaler can produce some videos of about 1-2 minutes to find out the chords of popular songs

I bought a MIDI packet from this guy and I forgot where I placed it LOL

No joke: I prefer using Scaler, even why those MIDIs don’t work very well with Scaler, i.e. I cannot D&D in it without having many wrong chords, and I don’t like dropping MIDis in my DAW

I can always see his advertisements, but I won’t buy them. Never buy. Forever…