How to Capture Scaler Chords in Logic Pro X - Scaler Direct MIDI Out in Logic

I load a chord set and start playing chord progressions, example:

When I have something I like I hit record on Logic, the region looks like this:

All good until I want to see the chord’s actual MIDI notes in my region. Now I have to drag chosen chords to make a new chord set and use the export MIDI button to drag MIDI file to my region:

This gives me all chord notes but that’s not my performance, its all same length. I have to work a lot with this to get that to something I performed.:


Solution: MIDI FX Freeze Plugin (Free)

Record your performance with Scalar (like before) then just load this MIDI FX Plugin under Scaler:

Hit record button on the plugin and play the performance:

This will capture MIDI of performance that you can drag to region & you get this:

This video from developer shows how it works (shown with Logic’s Chord Trigger MIDI FX in this)


That looks like a cool little plug. Thank you! I’m downloading it now. Of course you can use the External Instrument in Logic to record any MIDI FX plugin like Scaler without the use of any third party plug:

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There are two ways to capture Midi Out from Logic’s Midi FX:

  1. Set up an External Instrument to capture:
  2. Install the free MIDI FX FREEZE from AUDIOCR
    (currently down for some reason, there’s a direct working link to the component at the bottom of this thread):
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