How to change the scale in a loaded pattern

How do I change the scale/mode in a loaded pattern?

Hey @JLP

If you are talking about a pattern in section C (bottom section), as far as I know there is no way to push a new scale onto that pattern automatically. However, you can hit the edit key on the pattern and then just adjust the semitone for the chords. If you want to see what scale(s) you’ve moved into, you can then do a detect (with the right mouse button) and go to the Main panel to see what scales you are using. If for example you start with a C maj scale and bump it 6 semitones when you do a detect you will now be in Gb maj

Hope it helps

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2.4 allows using two chord progressions in PAD mode (patterns) and assigning two different scales to Midi CC so you can force scales over a chord progression if thats what you mean.