How to create specific Chordtype

Hopefully an easy and perhaps stupid question:
How is it possible to create a f.e. V Chord which leads into the next chord?
These chords are completely unrelated and i want to connect them using a V Chord.

Not sure if I understand your question. Can you clarify?

Thanks arman,
i was a bit inaccurate, perhaps this video explains what i want to do:

So as i said i have 2 chords already, both unrelated (in a jazz/neo soul context) and i want scaler to figure out the dominant chord (or 2nd dom chord) from the last chord to lead into it and fill the gap between these 2 chords.

Hey @NitPicky Good video, you can find Doms and secondary Doms by going to MOD page, choosing the Secondary Scale Preset (choose whatever scale you want to know the chord Doms of) and then use the arrow keys to find them. See attached if that makes sense:

Ah that kind of works…
but i have to know the scale from the last chord… otherwise it shows not up in the modulation row.
but what when i don´t know the scale?