How to have our queries replied faster

I noticed lately an increasing number of posts made in the wrong section

As this may delay replies yearned for (regardless of from common users or devs) I could suggest to read FAQ first, then read the info about any Category

Generally speaking:

  1. General Discussion serves for announcements (usually by devs, but not necessarily), and generic discussion (not just about Scaler)
  2. Tutorials serve to give advice, NOT to ask for advice
  3. Chord Sets serve to exchange series of chords (too few exchange IMHO)
  4. Support serves to report issues and receive help from devs, and possibly from common users

I would add to this that when raising a support request or reporting a possible bug users should include the following information

  1. Scaler Version
  2. OS
  3. DAW
  4. Hardware configuration (RAM, processor)

This will help people providing support to focus on the issue.


Hi Ed
you are right
well spotted

Discourse (the software this forum is based on) allows admins to introduce template text specific to a category in the textarea where users type their post.

This template text could be used to add these fields for support requests. It could be also used to add a short explanation of the scope of a category if it gets misplaced posts frequently.

Users must read […] before [doing something] is a noble cause that works better when the text to be read is inserted in the middle of the workflow. :wink: