How to make one chord & voicing chromatic up and down the keyboard?

Hi folks,

Imagine this:

I create a C min 7 chord and bind it to C3.

The notes of the chord are C2, Eb3, G3, Bb3.

Now, i want to create that same chord (and voicing) up and down the whole keyboard, so when i hit the C#3 on my keyboard, it’ll play a C#min 7 chord with the same voicing, or if i hit E4, it’ll play an Emin7 with the same voicing.

So basically i’m talking about a good old fashioned chorder that just plays a chord chromatically on all keys.

This is useful especially for more old fashioned effects like a house music stab where the chord was often a sampled chord played chromatically up and down the keyboard.

Obviously i could just use a chorder, but this would be a fun starting point from which to develop further in Scalar.

I understand you can create this manually, but seems like quite a lot of work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Since there is no chromatic scale the only way I know is to choose the Cmin Scale - You’ll see that in section B - Choose 7th from the drop down menu and then drag and drop the Cmin7 chord to the first slot. Then continue drag and dropping the Cmin7 Chord fills all slots in the pattern
Then go to Chord edit and use transpose by semi-tone on each chord till you get what you want. It to me less than a minute to do one pattern full. You can then fill the next pattern, etc.
Here is a link to a Scaler Set of Chromatic 7ths -

If you want the Bind to be chromatic then go under settings on the upper right and choose Bind All - that way it will bind the white and black keys starting at C2 (which you can change there as well.)

Thanks for the info!

I think this is really basic and should be easier to do.

I guess it’s because it falls outside of normal music theory / practice, although ironically in music production it’s an extremely common thing!

Who knows what Scaler will do in the future. This thing took maybe a minute or less to do. And there is a template you can use to start your own.
Cheers and have fun with Scaler!

I agree! And hence why I had it implemented. Create any chord you want in Section C, right click it and select ‘Generate Parallel Harmony’ You can do it in semitones, thirds, fourths and voice grouped fifths! All up and down the keyboard. Unless of course I have misunderstood you.

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Thanks for reminding me of this! Forgot about it.


But personally i’d get rid of all those options and just give a drop-down menu for number of semitones or even just a numerical box where we can type the value ourselves!

So we could easily populate the keys with whole tones, tritones, octaves, or whatever crazy interval we want!