How to make solos shine with Scaler: a µ-tutorial

I always struggled in doing decent solos with my plugins

Scaler’s Keys-Lock option rarely helps, and Ableton Live Scale feature is good, but solos were always dull

I am not good at keyboards, so unable to add articulations, licks, etc. nevertheless I found a simple way to build decent solos using Scaler, but after in the workflow

Here is the simple trick

You have put together a cool base with drums, bass, and an accompaniment guitar

Set Scaler 2 to receive the accompaniment guitar’s MIDI

and now click on Detect > Midi > Record and look at the matched scales offered

I selected the first 3, dropped them before the solo guitar, then I mapped 3 black keys on the right of my keyboard

Now hit Play and activate those 3 scales at taste with one hand while playing notes with the other hand

This way, your solos will shine :heart_eyes:

Well, not certainly like the best axe players around, but funny enough for me