How to make UJAM guitars shine with Scaler: a µ-tutorial

Hi Pals

Putting it simple, load this Scaler status

Scaler-State_2024-01-25_213713.xml (15.0 KB)

then set this routing

with this UJAM Silk 2 guitar

Scaler will send notes in the UJAM chords area called Play Range

Note: somebody, Jamieh maybe, said in the past that UJAM can only accept triads (chords without patterns), but I found that it can accept most Scaler patterns, and auditing the various patterns you’ll find that many produces interesting stuff with UJAM guitars, raising exponentially the number of riffs playable

The cool thing of using Scaler for chords (S) is that you still have both hands (and feet maybe) free to change Common Phrases (LH, Left Hand) and Style Phrases (RH, Right Hand) in a meaningful way, and you can also hit the Damp roller increasing further the variability of the sounds

This simple workflow overcomes the high but limited amount of available riffs of UJAM guitars (and the same applies more or less to the AAS Strum-GS guitars BTW)

Have fun with axes