How to open xml files?


Can someone explain to me how to open these xml files ?

xml files are text files… any text editor.

if you want more information, for this kind of file or any other kind, go here

Thank you. I will check that out.


Warning … slight “Geek speak” here

An XML file contains an “instance” of data, just like one record in a database. It’s useful to determine the “schema” which defines the “metadata” (i.e. data about data); this is more generally useful than a particular one shot record. Schema files have the extension “XSD”, although they are of XML format.

I back engineered the XSD schema from the XML instance of a state dump. If you want me to post it I am happy to do so. [Bearing in mine that you can only partially back engineer, as you cant deduce all the information from an instance XML]

If you are really anal, then their is a related technology “XSLT”, which enables you to extract, transform, and otherwise manipulate a file of XML instances, but it’s more complicated to get to know.


Are you asking about the ones for Scaler? You can import them into Scaler and they contain the session data. Not sure if that’s what you mean. They can’t be used by anything except for Scaler.