How to play/transmit every note of a chord across the keyboard

I need to transmit every note of a given scaler chord instead of just the triad or various voicings. Is this possible from this plugin please?

It’s probably a very unique situation - I’m transmitting all the notes through my DAW to my Fretlight guitars which light up where to press to produce Scaler’s chords. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m not sure I’ve understood your question exactly, but I’d try this. Start with a C Major Triad on a Pattern Pad, then Edit Chord and add all the notes for that chord in all octaves. It should be the same for any chord, no matter the complexity. I’d try this and then try to Save the Monster Chord. All Performances and Dynamic voicing should, obviously, be off. I’ve not tried this and don’t know if Chords have a limit to the number of notes they may contain? I’ll try it out. I did some of the Guitar Orchestral Chords and had no problems with those, but they are normal chords. I’ll experiment with Monster Chords and see what happens.

Take care. :slight_smile:

Hi thanks, yeah it is an interesting request. The basic is can I lick or single note press a chord item in Scaler and it will automatically play every single note across the keyboard from left to right.

I always thought I could edit a chord item and add all the notes but was wondering if there was a setting or preset voicing to play every single note? Maybe even a request for this if it’s not able to.

Thanks so much

Hi @kasmonkey,

If I am to understand you correctly, you want to be able to press (for example) a Cmaj chord in Scaler and have it trigger and send every C, E and G note on the keyboard from octave-2 all the way up to octave+8?

If this is correct then currently the only way you could achieve this is through the process that @1stInversion has just described.
It is an interesting request and I will pass it on to the rest of the team.