How to record Scaler's chords straight into the piano roll

What if we want to record Scaler’s chords straight into a track’s piano roll without having to drag and drop? For example, say I bind a set of chords to some keys, but when I hit record in my DAW, I want Scaler’s version of those chords to appear in the piano roll as I press their respective keys. Is that possible? I’m on Logic.

Make sure you are recording into the Instrument track not the Scaler track.

I have Cubase.

I Have Scaler as an instrument (midi out) and my midi KB as midi in.
Then I have another track with my chosen vsti sound as the midi output and Scaler receiving from the Scaler track as midi in.
Turn off the sounds in Scaler and only put on monitoring and not record in that track then select record in your instrument track and the notes will be recorded into the instrument track.

Hi @salvadorfrs5 There are plenty of ways to do this in Logic Pro particularly is you are using the latest version of Logic Pro X and Scaler as a MIDI FX. Otherwise Midi Capture within Scaler 2 is the easiest option.

To record Scaler MIDI FX output easiest way (with latest version) is:
Press and hold on on the midi FX. Select “Record MIDI to Track Here”. Hitting record on Logic will now record the midi output.