How to separate chord sound and notes sound ? (midi channels ?)

Hello! I’m new and despite searching here and on the internet, I can’t find it.
I would like, using Scaler, to have :

  • one sound for chords / performances / arpeggios etc.
  • another sound for the melody I play in “chord extension” mode, for example.
    In particular, it would allow me to transpose the melody because I find the chord extension notes too high… (unless there’s a way of adjusting that too).
    Of course, I could first record the accompaniment with the chords, then the melody, but what I’m interested in is improvising left-hand/right-hand, taking advantage of Chord Extension’s possibilities.
    I don’t know if I’m making myself clear…

My DAW is Studio One and my Midi controller is a Native Komplete

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Hi, The answers are essentially ‘yes’. Please post also your operating system and DAW, and your MIDI controller if you are using one, as that will allow the board members most familiar with your set up to answer any queries.

I’d also point you o the direction of the many videos from both Scaler and Plugin Boutique on YouTube … Start here maybe Scaler 2 Plugin Tutorial & In Depth Overview - YouTube
Also, boring though manuals are, the manual is pretty in depth.

OK … You can create more that one track by using more than one instance of Scaler in your DAW, or as you maybe indicate allowing you to play along with Scaler progressions. Also check out ‘binding’ because you can play the chords etc with one key with the left hand whilst playing a melody with the right.
You can adjust the range of keys used by the chord progressions either in the ‘edit’ page or in the ‘Dynamic Voice Grouping’ options.

You need to make sure you have a good grasp of the options in the GUI, and then experiment . Everyone has a different focus and workflow with Scaler, so once you have the basics you can work towards developing that which fits with what you want to do.

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and you will find lots of help here; people will answer questions or point you in the right direction … but do remember the best helper is you !


You can use 2 Scaler instances in sync, with the same series of chords
The first one gives just chords and drives e.g. a piano (your virtual left hand)
The second one used with Keys-Lock lets you add notes with your right hand, and those notes fall in the same scale

It doesn’t work always, but when it works you’ll have a lot of fun jamming

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I already watched the youtube plugin tutorial & overview (very useful) but no answer about that.
I succeeded with Claudio solution but with some limitatiion (see below).
Thanks for this help.

Hi Claudio !

This solution works for me but with a little limitation.
I now have two instances of Scaler :
. One with muted chords, connected to instrument 1.
. the other one with unmuted chords connected to Instrument 2, and I added a key filter at DAW level to hide the right hand play.

Works great, only problem is that if I want to do ANY change in plugin settings I have to do it twice.
When you say “In Sync”, is there a way to link 2 instances of Slicer ?

What is Slicer?

2 Scaler instances can be linked so that changes of chords, patterns etc in one instance are transferred in the other(s) instance(s), but I don’t know if I got correctly what you ask

Slicer > Scaler sorry !
Yes it’s axactly what I would do, do you know how to achieve this link ?

A moment that I do some screenshot

Click the blue S on top left GUI, close to “Scaler” writing
then click on Sync in the 1st instance

Now the second instance becomes instantly a follower

Now, add a series of chords in Section C of the 1st instance
and the follower will do the same, instantly

If you use the 1st instance to play chords, riffs, patterns etc, you will use the Follower + Keys-Lock to play notes that will be always in tune with the other instance

You can have many Followers, not just one

The only problem is that the Follower(s) will use chords, voices and timings only, not riffs, patterns, etc, that you possibly set in the 1st Scaler


BTW, I use that differently
the “muted chords” (Keys-Lock feature, 2nd instance) are used for solos
the “unmuted chords” are used for accompaniment (1st instance)

Now it’s late, and I have to sleep, but I think that some of my mini-tutorial show that

That’s what I do exactly. The muted chord instance for solos with key lock and the unmuted chord for accompaniement.
Thank you so much for the screenshots !! I will test that tonight.

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It works, but the Sync is not permanent : if I go to the Sync prefs and ask to synchronize, it works.
But if I change something on instance 1, I have to Sync again to have the new parmeters copied.
Is that normal ?

No, I jammed just now with 1 Leader and 3 followers and all the 3 followed up to the end with tons of changes, both in the 1st Scaler (Leader) or the other 3 (Followers)

Clearly, if you do changes in any of the Followers, the Leader doesn’t change because it is the Boss :grin:

If you do changes in the Leader, then the same changes go in the Followers

Yes that is normal. Unless you do leader sync but then you can only sync from leader to followers. But in your case it might be faster to keep all Scalers as individual and sync from the one you make the changes from. Takes a second. 2 Options.

If you do changes in a Follower and resync from it, that Follower becomes the new Leader, and the ex Leader becomes a Follower
But because the ex Follower was used for solos (Keys-Lock + MUTE) you lose the Solo track because just “chords, voices and timings” are passed to the new Leader

Or I am just stoned by the very hot weather here?

@ClaudioPorcellana — No - I was telling him to NOT do Follow and Leader. Just Sync from which ever he made the changes from (keep Scaler as individual - no Leader - Follower). Super easy - Barely an inconvenience. Just keep all Scalers individual.
The Leader - Follower works great but if you don’t remember the leader is the only one you should make changes from then it can screw up your work flow. I would say test out each and see which works for you. As is often the case neither option will be ideal 100 percent of the time.

Hi both of you

Ok I just understood that LIVE SYNC only works on C zone (I know, Claudio, you told me).
And, it works :slight_smile:

I think my main problem now is that the track with Scaler Keys Lock / Chord setting (for solos) cannot play WITHOUT also plays the chords we apply with left hand. Thats a real problem. Any clue ?

I’m afraid I never play that way so I don’t really have any advice. Maybe @ClaudioPorcellana can chime in since he jams with Scaler.

It can only happen if you don’t mute the Scaler used to play the solo
Anyway, you need:
one Scaler to play chords (alone or with your left hand), and this 1st Scaler must NOT use Keys-Lock nor the MUTE option
one Scaler to play solo notes in sync and in scale, using your right hand, and this 2nd Scaler will use Keys-Lock and the MUTE options

a bit later I’ll drop a screen-shot

Sorry for the deleted messages. Each time I write something, then I go back to the Daw and find the solution myself :slight_smile:
I think I’m ok now.

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Ha ha, it happens
It happened to me many times
Luckily enough, we have the rubber

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