How to silence Scaler playback when DAW plays?

I was playing my DAW(Cakewalk) tracks and tapping my Scaler chords when I wanted to hear them along with the DAW tracks.

Now when my DAW plays, Scaler automatically plays performance from the chord patterns (jumping around seemingly randomly from pattern to pattern even).

This was not always the case and just started happening. I maybe clicked something to make this happen, maybe not.

How can get this automatic playback of chords when the DAW plays to stop?

Sounds like the play button sync to DAW is engaged. Section C on the lower left is the DAW sync button. Looks like an arrow head. Click it to turn it off.

Thank you for your response.

On another reboot of my computer, the behavior has stopped.
It’s OK now, but the DAW sync was never on.

This is NOT memory or resource related.

If I put my Scaler track on mute, I can tap the Scaler chords and they play on another track using that track’s instrument.
Scaler is not set to output to that track and that track is not set to input from Scaler.

If I turn the Scaler track on, the Scaler chords play on both tracks.

What was really bugging me was that I was getting performance stuff coming out with no way to turn that off to just get chords.

If I actually set Scaler to control another instrument track, it works for a while, but then stops outputting to that track.

Scaler and Cakewalk just do not get on, but Cakewalk doesn’t get on with many plugins, including Kontakt.

I don’t know that bringing any of this stuff up would be worthwhile, because these situations have obtained for years with no one willing and able to do anything about them.

Hi @drobertbaker

From your description this sounds as if it is more of an issue for Cakewalk than Scaler

You don’t say which version of Cakewalk you are using, but I assume it is Cakewalk by Bandlab. Can you please clarify the version of Cakewalk and the OS that you are using (I assume it is Windows 10 or 11).

I gave up on Cakewalk a while ago because of the stability issues, although I have tried Scaler in it without too many issues, but…

I suspect that this is something to do with midi routing. Can you take screenshot(s) of Cakewalk with Scaler and another synth loaded and show the midi routing? We do have some Cakewalk users here who may be able to help.

Also can you export the Sclaer state and upload it here, please?

Thank you so much for your alacrity in trying to help!

Your words contain great wisdom and I have been considering them.

OF COURSE the problem is Cakewalk, AGAIN!
You said it in one word, STABILITY.
But the cost of switching is so high that it’s prohibitive to get out.

You got me thinking about all the problems I’ve had with Cakewalk and all the time I’ve spent wrestling with these problems only to discover, AGAIN, that I wasn’t doing it wrong; Cakewalk was screwing up, AGAIN.

  • I can only use part of Scaler’s massive functionality
  • Any outputs over four in Kontakt causes malfunctions and weird behavior
  • I can’t count the number of contact surfaces I’ve bought and returned because Cakewalk’s obsolete interface doesn’t work with ANYTHING.
  • occasional offsetting of MIDI notes
  • random malfunctions, the unexpected and unexplained, crashes
  • I could go on and on

Of course, it would be impossible to switch to another DAW given my many-project investment in Cakewalk.

But I thought I’d look around to see what I could do if I DID actually switch DAWs.

Two hours of research revealed that Reaper would be a good choice for me.
I’m a computer guy and I have a s***load of instruments already.

The 15MB trial download was full-functioned and free.
It loads in 5 seconds and has a fully resizable window.
Reaper reads in all my existing Cakewalk project files (well, mostly).

The Reaper manual for it’s effectively infinite functionality is only 440 pages as opposed to Cakewalk’s bloated 2000 pages.

Reaper automatically found my existing plugins (well, most of them).

I just had to tell it about my ASIO sound card drivers, and in two more hours, I was at work on my current half-completed project in Reaper instead of in that buggy, antiquated, half-heartedly supported Frankenstein, Cakewalk.

So thank you, friend, for pushing me off the cliff to do the impossible and finally escape my long-time tormentor.

Please devote your energies to people who actually have Scaler problems.

Again, representing the community, thank you for you efforts on our behalf.

If you like Cakewalk try Reaper. There is a free trial available and then it is only $60. it is stable, a lot of good instructional videos, and lots of support from users. I am transitioning to it from Live.

Antiquated is right. When I first purchased it, it was on 2 3.5 inch floppy discs - MIDI only, no audio. As it evolved (at Twelve Tone Systems, the original authors) they added some good stuff. [As a hacker, you presumably appreciated CAL, a sort of quite powerful programming script.] It then became quite stable and morphed into Sonar.

However, they avoided the Steinberg route, and plugins were DXi based, a dead end . Add to this the purchase by Gibson and little penetration in Europe, it was doomed.

So I looked for an alternative. Had I not been in the genre I am (EDM-ish), pointing me to early Ableton Live, I think for a technical person, Reaper would have been the better choice. I checked out Bitwig when it first came out, and thought it had promise , but I’ve found no rationale yet to switch from Live… plus I’m fed up with perpetual learning curves. (see my 'manuals folder 1Gb of doc)

The only challenge that I am finding with Reaper is its handling of clips, which I don’t think is as good as Ableton Live. However. this may be simply be that I’m taking time to get used to it. But you do need to buy an add-in if you want to replicate Live’s session view ($20).

Loading and playing synths is simple and midi routing is a dream. The lack of built-in sophisticated looking effects and instrument may put somep people off, but there are plaenty of free or cheap high quality instruments available. The Reaper website even recommends some freebies such as Surge.