How to use Scaler2 to improve chords transition between song's sections?

In my song, in the verse, I repeat a 4 chords progression, then in the chorus I repeat other chord progression. The verse alone and the chorus alone sound good, but the transition from verse to chorus feels not too good - how could Scaler2 help me write a better chords transition between the verse and the chorus?

In Scaler2, I upload the midi of the chords from the verse and the chorus, and Scaler2 will suggest me some better chords that will make the transition more smooth? (or more ‘correct’ in terms of music theory?)

What do I do step by step inside Scaler2 to write a better chords transition between song’s sections?

Thanks for all help!

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Pattern 1 has Verse
Pattern 2 has Chors

Now you want move from one to the other.

I’d suggest creating Pattern 3 which will be your transition chords.

To keep things simple, I’d suggest changing patterns with Key Switches. Put bound notes on a MIDI Track with DAW Synch Off, This way you can use the same Bound Notes for the chords in all patterns and start and stop the song at any point, rather than having to play though the whole thing each time (Scaler doesn’t have MIDI Song Position Pointer)

As far as which chords to use, try Scaler’s “suggest” feature. Try other Songs or Artist Patterns and transpose them to the key your song is in if necessary.

Ask yourself what the purpose of the “transition” Is. Is it a pre-chorus, a bridge? Where does the song want to go? Back to a hook, on to something else?

Scaler offers many possible ways to approach things and it will take a little time to develop workflows. Good luck.

I agree, “Suggest” feature is a great point to make this transition. Another possibility is to use MOD (“Circle of Fifths”) as you know your “before” and “after” chords, so just make the transition. This is a bit more complex, but the result can be great. There is somewhere a video by David where he explains how to use MOD. I’ll add the link if I find it. You can just search on YouTube.

thanks guys for your replies!
Which David do you mean? do you remember his YT channel name?

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This @davide (Carbone)…Composing for a Video Game with Scaler 2.5 - YouTube

Just go to Youtube and type in ‘scaler davide carbone’

Lots of stuff by Davide and Plugin boutique, but try