How to Use with Studio One

Sorry, I am an old dog (72) trying to learn new tricks. I use Studio One as my DAW. How do I use Scaler with Studio One to add chord progressions? Thank you

I can assure you that there are even older dogs on here, (e.g. yours truly) so you are not alone. Bedtime here, but someone will chip in shortly on Studio One, as there are many users here.

There are several types of optimal workflow depending on your goals. I suggest that you look at the many excellent videos done by the Scaler team, especially those done by Davide Carbone.

Maybe start with this Scaler 2 - Complete Overview - YouTube and then pick up on videos on interest, but in particular the 2.5 updates

The great thing about “our era” is that we got to hear all those iconic groups - now legends - when they were first around…

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Thank you, friend. By 1966 the songs of the late fifties were already called oldies.

Welcome Edward

I’m also a Studio One user, albeit a bit of a novice one. Since S1 does not support midi effects directly, there are a couple routing items to be aware of when driving external instruments. Other than that, Scaler plays very well with Studio One.

Are you having trouble getting sounds out of Scaler? If so, can walk through some of the routing stuff.

Otherwise, if you are playing Scaler and just need to know some of its potential workflows, @Yorkerman’s suggestions are spot on. @davide has some great content out there.

Keep us posted

Hi Marioeddie,

This is how I use it and it works for me. Maybe it will work for you.

Scaler 2.5 Workflow Process for Studio One 5.5

  1. Create a scaler track
  2. Develop chord pattern
  3. Pack a Folder and rename it “Scaler”
  4. Move scaler chord track (created in step 1) to the Scaler folder
  5. Rename it say “Chords”
  6. Add a VST on another track (add any instrument you want rename the track to whatever you want)
  7. Change the input of the VST track to the first scaler track (typically Scaler 2)

Adding Other tracks
8. In the Scaler folder create a duplicate track* using the first Scaler track called “Chords”

NOTE: * important to duplicate the track not create a new scaler track!

  1. Repeat for all other scaler tracks**

NOTE:** Typically in Studio one duplicates will be named Scaler 2(2), Scaler 2(3), Scaler 2(4) etc. These are your additional tracks for each instrument (Chords, bass, melody)


  1. For each VST track make sure the track is being fed by the appropriate Scaler track (i.e. Scaler 2(2), Scaler 2(3), Scaler 2(4)) for the appropriate track

  2. Enable recording on the track you wish to record and hit record the appropriate Scaler track (i.e. Scaler 2(2), Scaler 2(3), Scaler 2(4)) will feed your VST track and record the instrument track.
    NOTE: If you want to play scaler and record at the same time make sure the monitoring is enabled on the scaler track. When you hit record and play the scaler track it will record the track and you will hear what Scaler is feeding the recording track.

Hopefully this will help. It took me a long time to get it right. I can’t tell you how many “David” videos I have seen. But this is the only thing that works for me.

Let me know if it works for you.


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