How to view more than one scaler in a project

Hello - as new user, it’s certainly very useful, but I am trying to open more than one scaler on a project. I believe I duplicate the track, so that another scaler is on a separate track, but I’d like to view the 2 scalers separately - to help with the bassline/melody, but when I open the copied version it basically closes the 1st version. Any ideas? many thanks, as I can’t find this covered anywhere in the manual or YouTube.

Welcome to the forum.

First thing is to post your op system (Windows, MAc) etc and importantly your DAW (LIve, Studio One). This then allows the users familiar with those system to come to offer help.

If you are copying the tack, (depending on your DAW) it may well be that it’s pointing to same Scaler instance. Open a new track and then add the VST in to that track by the normal mechanism. Most people have multiple Scalers open so it does work …

It’s your DAW more than likely. You don’t say what that is but most have a setting to set plugins to always open or something similar. I’m sure there is a check box in Ableton. What is you DAW?

Most DAW’s will attempt to “recycle” plugin windows. Check in the options or preferences for a setting that relates to that.
Many DAW’s have a way to lock or ‘pin’ a plugin open on screen, allowing you to open others to view simultaneously.

Thank you everyone - yes, I went to bed thinking it was my DAW (which is Cakewalk), and I’ve managed to now sort it by de-selecting ‘Re-cycle plugin windows’. I hadn’t spotted the Pin in the top right of every plugin, so could have done it manually each time, but this means that it is now automatic.