How using UJAM guitars v2 even if low in RAM

Hoping that UJAM devs will be able to make guitars v2 less RAM-hungry :grin: I found a way to use them

instead of dropping them with the other plugins and jamming on, I’ll use versions 2 to create arpeggios & riffs around a root note/scale I found before jamming with the other plugins

then I’ll record the v2 sound, and I’ll move just the recording in my DAW

this way I can use the amazing Instrument feature that I love so much and I cannot miss

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Nothing to do with Scaler…

I have no problem with UJAM Guitarist 2 in Reaper, with 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and I know that you used it extensively with Scaler. So, as KCFYX said, nothing to do with Scaler nor with UJAM. It’s your DAW and your gear. Am I wrong that on one of your images I saw that you have DDR3 RAM? Quite strange, but not impossible.

Not a problem, as Scaler devs let us free to speak about other tools here
And I use UJAM with Scaler anyway

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Anyway, I found that many of my issues (crashes) not-related to UJAM v2 jump-out when I try to keep latency low

Now that I started using 1024 or 2048 in ASIO buffer size, the situation improved, and crashes became rare

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Actually, UJAM devs recognized that their v2 guitars waste a lot of RAM compared to v1

I also tested other sample-based plugins, like Soundpaint, and they use about half of my RAM compared to UJAM v2 guitars

Yes, I have those paleolithic stuff because I am a dino :grin: :smile: :rofl: