Hung note only on legato (Kontakt Spitfire strings)

I’m using Scaler 2 as a plugin to Kontakt loaded with Spitfire Albion One and separately (as a test) Spitfire Symphonic Organ. Every time a legato patch is loaded, about 5 notes in the note just hangs. Pressing the panic button clears it but returns within a few notes.
I’ve read the forum can’t see a solution to my problem.

Grateful for you thoughts on this.

Welcome @Hivez could you elaborate please. I get the routing to the spitfire instrument but what are you triggering in scaler and what exactly is hanging in Kontakt? More info please.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve got a classical patch set in the songs ( no 8)
Keys lock chord extensions
Humanize velocity
I run up the chord patterns with my left on the key board this causes no issues.
When I play the trills on the keyboard with my right hand, the notes available as part of the keys lock function hangs on one single note.
I’m using Logic Pro X 10.5

The hung note only happens when Keys Lock is on and Chord Extensions or Chord Notes is selected.

I’ve tried this with the spitfire instruments I have and have no hung notes. Everything is fine irrespective of how fast I trill etc. Is it just your legato patches? And wouldn’t they behave the same way if you played directly into them the same way? IE holding a chord and then trilling monophonically?
May I suggest you try a new patch?

Thanks for looking at this, I’ve spent most of today trying different combinations. I’ve got a feeling it’s related to a powered usb hub. I can’t get back on it until the weekend to test this with another Mac with more ports. I’ll update this if it is as it may be useful to other users.

Other than the issue above ( which is probably my fault) I think Scaler is the best thing I’ve bought for a while, it’s addictive.

Hi Hivez,

I am not sure but I think your issue could be linked to mine, it sounds like it because your issue happens on legato playing (overlapping midi notes). I created another topic about my problem with stuck midi notes since I am not totally sure if these issues are linked. Here is link to my topic/issue and findings on what exactly seems to cause it: Scaler 2.0.7 Overlapping midi notes causing stuck/hung notes