Hung/stuck notes with Scaler 2.8.1

Hung/stuck notes with Scaler 2.8.1
Ableton Live 11.3.4
MacBook pro M1 64GB Ventura 13.4

Just joined forum. I have been through many forum topics referencing this issue. I am opening a new topic to ask Scaler devs to respond and sort them problem. It is not an issue with my set up. It is an ongoing bug and it needs to be sorted out. Scaler is unusable in this condition. I have cc’ed this note to the bosses of Plugin Boutique. if it is not resolved I’ll ask them for my money back.

The midi panic button also does not work!

I have a PC environment similar to yours and Scaler works perfectly.

Scaler 2.8.1
Studio One 6.2.1
MacBook Pro M1 32GB Ventura 13.4

I was using Scaler 2.8(.0) with Reaper on Win10, and was having a lot of stuck-note (at end) issues. When I upgraded to 2.8.1, all that went away and everything started working perfectly…