I can't find "F#6"

@ jamieh

I need F#6 chord. I haven’t found it in scaler for a long time
I’m confused. I remember looking for C6 before. C6 I remember is CEG + a
So, what’s F#6?
Please help me once, thank you!

I know you posed this question to Jamie, @swingmix . But it got me curious as well, and the first place I would look for is here in Scaler…

F# seems the root note of your desired chord. And from what I’ve learned so far, the number 6 refers to the 6th note in the scale (F# in this case).

And in F# minor, the 6th note would be D, according to Scaler’s scale preview…

And if you wanted F# major, then just pick the F# major scale and look up the 6th note there:

Keep in mind that Gb and F# is the same under a different name. So the 6th in the F# major scale would be a Eb (or D#).

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Thank you for your reply. I didn’t think of your way.
You can find it through the list.
I used to count with my fingers :rofl:
Because Jamie helped me find C6 the other day
I think Jamie is familiar with different names but the same meaning, so I @ Jamie
But it seems that the format is wrong
Jamie used to say that C6 is CEG + A.

OK! Right now!!
Let me try your way.


Succeed! :grinning:
Thank you very much!
I remember this method! :+1:

Maybe another (less convoluted?) way would be this…

The triad chords all start with the notes in the scale, and they have this numbering scheme, using roman numerals (upper case for major, and lower case spelling for minor chords).
So in your case, being curious about the 6th, you look for VI (roman for number 6). And there you go: D major (in F# minor scale)

I am literally in the process of learning all this myself, so this could be a case of the deaf leading the blind :wink:

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Bernd is correct F#Maj6 or F#6 is an F# Major chord with an added D#. So it would read F# A# C# D#.
But if you input those notes manually into Scaler it’s going to call it F# Maj add 13. It’s just the way Scaler wants to call it but is Harmonically the same.
In real life (musical life anyway), anything above a 7th chord must contain that 7th note - be it a major, minor or even diminished seventh. The 13th can be thought of as the same note as 6th, but the chord is not a 13 if there’s no 7th. If there’s only a 6th (in this case D#), then it’s a 6 chord. But Scaler (as yet) does not name it correctly.
Too much information for just make and F#Major chord and add a D#