I can't listen to anything at all


When I play MIDI notes or click on the chord pads the software recognizes it, yet I have no sound coming through the output. I play the notes, see them playing in the software but I can’t hear a thing

For some reason when I add Scaler 2 as an instrument, the sounds folder only has one option => “off”. If I click on it and try to change it, I can’t.

I hope you can help me fix these issues



Welcome to the Scaler forums. Do you have the Scaler track set to monitor?

It looks like your install is not correct. You have no internal sounds or Scaler can’t find where they are.
Under the gear on the upper right of Scaler is the preferences. Under settings where does it say the sounds are located? Look to see if they are there. If not you should reinstall Scaler.