I have to press MIDI panic everytime - scaler plays notes on playback or just emits sound

Im using an M1 Macbook Pro 2022 with Logic 10.7.4

Every time I load scaler 2 (2.6) it starts playing notes or sound randomly and I have to press MIDI panic - anyone have a fix?

Welcome to the forum @pgodfrey715 Are you loading Scaler as an Instrument or a Midi FX? We have to eliminate a few things, firstly is it a midi loop with a controller? Is it M1/Monterey MIDI FX? Firstly disconnect any midi devices / controllers and see if that helps. Secondly boot Logic under Rosetta and see if that helps:

Starting in rosetta seemed to do the trick - thank you. Do you have an explanation on why I needed to do that? Please let me know. Thanks!