I haven't been here in a long time. Are common chords added?

I haven’t been here in a long time. Are common chords added?
I haven’t been here in a long time. Are common chords added? I wish I could rotate a chord to add common chords. This will make it easier to create.

No, nothing’s happened since the last couple of times you posted this diagram, but it’s still as easy to add chords as it was then.

I still want to add these common chords. After all, we use SCALER because it’s so convenient. If it is more convenient, it is certainly more popular. right?

Where is this screenshot from?

@swingmix, I am not sure if you use an iOS device, like iPad or iPhone, but there is an app that provides the chords in a different UI layout (because I think your request is more along UI/workflow than capability, since Scaler provides what you are looking for, just not in the UI format you prefer)
ChordMaps2 - Midi Controller App for iPad (mugglinworks.com)

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Well, if you guessed ‘Band in a Box’ you would be right… this has been a recurring request from @swingmix . I understand he is familiar with that way of working and would like to see it replicated in Scaler (nothing wrong there per se - that’s fine) , but IMHO there is nothing in this function that isn’t already easily accessed in Scaler, so I believe it is (as you say) a workflow thing.

IMHO, BIAB does indeed have place, but it’s just not the same place as Scaler. I suspect there is not much overlap between the user groups. The basic intent of the applications is totally different. Whereas BIAB aspires to compose pieces for you (and in some cases actually does a very credible job) that’s the antithesis of the Scaler concept … composition is surely delegated to the user in Scaler.

Further, ‘scales’ in BIAB are effectively - nay, entirely - defined by chords, as opposed to specifying a scale (of which there are a huge range in Scaler) and then choosing chords to fit. It’s a diametrically opposite approach. The ‘Scale Generator’ in BIAB only allows a choice of ‘jazzy’ or diatonic modes, which ‘jazzy’, according to the documentation is Lydian Dominant, viz the 4th mode of the Melodic Minor. Everything AFAIK else is one of the diatonic major modes.


I see no way to, say, that if you want to use (say) Phrygian Dominant (or come to that, Minor Pentatonic) the scale can be specified. I may be wrong.

It’s just my personal view of course, but because of the above, I see no easy way to map Scaler functionality on to the BIAB approach, and feel once you have the hang of the Scaler way, I find picking chords is very quick.

The BIAB chord picker allows you to pick Common Chords, and in your screenshot iit shows (for example) a class of dominant 7th chords as a type to select… In Scaler, if I want something with root C which is a dominant 7 chord, I click on the ‘chord’ page, type in C7 in a box and I get 31 dominant 7 chords to choose from. I can just drag one on to section C into my progression, and that’s it. I’m not sure what workflow would be more convenient in any material way than that in the Scaler UI and design. I’m not clear how you would integrate that BIAB work flow into the Scaler concept. Maybe you could mock something up?

Thank you for all your replies. Actually, I didn’t think about it that much. I just hope that when I’m sure it’s C major, then not only can normal C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim appear

But Ab, Bb, G7, Fm and many more can also appear

If I identify Am, except for those chords that are normal. Also Bm7b5, E7 will appear

In short, it is good to have a common chord page appearing.

I also know that SCALER can type it itself, but every time it is entered, isn’t it a waste of time? And when I try, I often try C major, E major, G major, so don’t you have to type it every time? Isn’t that a more waste of time?

I am from my practical work suggesting that SCALER can add a list of commonly used chords. Why is it a screenshot of BIAB, because this one in BIAB is what I want. So why don’t I use BIAB directly? Because BIAB doesn’t feel comfortable to click, I still like to try it out in SCALER.

Regardless, I would still like to add to the list of commonly used chords. Even if I need to pay $100, I am willing.

Band in a box’s chord builder page.


Will common chord options be added to the November version? thank you

Hi @swingmix

We have some common chords added. Try right-clicking on a chord in Section C and selecting either


When you select a chord form this list it will replace the chord you originally clicked on. thus you substitute the original chord with the new one.

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thank you very much!