I know it but I don't KNOW it - Outros/Turnarounds

Hi All,

Maybe tricky to explain (“MG the Future” mention it before too) but there are times where you have a progression that you know in your head how to end (like and outro or a turn around) but trying to find it is a different matter. Its like a word on the tip of your tongue that just won’t come out…

I’m not sure if its technically a Modulation or a simply a I or IV or VI etc. Its a more subtle change to the tones but I’ve dug into every feature in S2 to capture it and no luck yet. So much hit and miss. Not sure what the Theory name for such things would be but its quite a natural drop in tone over a bar or two. Probs no point showing and example as its a very general question to be honest.

Though I have tried all the Modulation options and not sure where I am in Neo-Riemannian, Secondary scales or if its just some sort of transposition in semitones etc.

What are your practical avenues to pursue in S2 features to give you the best chance of getting unstuck?

Many thanks.


I’m not sure I’d look to Scaler for the answer here. I think this is more about what you’re hearing and let the ear by the guide. I may be that you have have found the right chords, but simply didn’t recognize it.

I’d focus on the melody or perhaps the bass line and try to sing the note that comes next. If you can find the note or phrase that seems right or natural next point it will be easier to build chords around it. Find an example song that has the change or changes you like and see if those fit.

Here’s a page of Cadences from Nadia Boulanger. Get to know these and it will help your ear find new sounds.

Good luck finding the sound.