I never understood what it meant to be gray

I never understood what it meant to be gray.
I see chords like Abmaj7 Adim7 Bbmin7 Bmin7
Adim 7 and Bmin7 show grey. Does gray mean that it contains tones other than this scale? Is that so?

Hi @swingmix

yes, you are right, a grey chord means a note (or more) is not in the selected scale.

But it can also be used? It all sounds comfortable, doesn’t it?

Yes you can use them, if you look at the chord sets, in many styles « grey » chords are used. They usually help color your track.

Thank you.

This is a great software. I can’t play the piano, and I don’t have time to learn how to play, so chords have always been a headache to me. I often ask people how to match chords. They tell me that chords are optional, depending on the mood. I can’t do it. Now that Scaler is a great software, I can finally match chords with my mood. I believe your software will get better and better. Early add the function of fast dragging bass midi, pad midi. Hope to add the function of chord collocation according to a recording audio file. It may not be accurate, but it can give a direction quickly. Save time for music production.


@swingmix Stay very tuned. You will love what we have in the pipeline.