Improvements to Selector for Secondary Chords in Modulation Mode


I have a little user experience optimization suggestion. It would be useful if when choosing the chord that you want to see the secondary chords for, instead of having to click on the moving arrow it was a click, hold, and drag ability. So in the picture (hopefully it attaches properly), if I wanted to see the secondary dominant for the V chord (G7) instead of having to click 4 times on the arrows (with the arrows position moving each time I click), I could just click and hold once on the arrow to initiate the move and then release the click to drop the selector at the chord I want to see the dominant for.

This isn’t a huge issue of course, just a small workflow optimization.

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I think it’s a good suggestion. I’m still only a few weeks or so into to Scaler, but did notice this and was thinking of posting a similar suggestion on this. I’m not sure how best this would be optimized, but your suggestion sounds OK. I was thinking perhaps left-right arrow keys on keypad, perhaps with Shift if needed?

In general, more key board short cuts would be good, but, as you say, not really essential.

Thanks for feedback!


Thanks for even taking the time to listen!