Indian Ragas

I would do just about anything to have Indian Ragas ( Hindustani and Carnatic ) to become part of Scaler. Most of my writing style incorporates Indian and Western instruments etc.

Since there are so many Ragas, my suggestion would be to either focus on the most common hundred and/or maybe using the Raga list created by the Native Instruments India Discovery Series. They have done a decent job.

I would happily pay for an additional Scaler plugin pack for Ragas. That’s one way to pay for the development process. Yes, your plugin is my go to for most of my projects now.

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Thanks @AJB I agree, it’s a hard one though, categorisation, how many scales. I like your suggestions though as I have composed for the Indian market and am deeply enamoured by the musical culture. This seems to cover a good range:
I will also check out Discovery, love that Instrument.

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I think it’s an excellent idea for the future. I’d also suggest inclusion of the Middle Eastern Maqams. I know some of these are included in Scaler, but having them named as such might, eventually, bring interesting features to the program. Both of these are way outside my vocabulary, but I’ve been enjoying letting Scaler lead my ears in new directions.

Random site I found that features some of the Middle Eastern “scales”

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yeah, very interesting. this has been discussed before: (Indian Scales). as a musician of indian origin who is a big fan of scaler I would also love this feature but it would be a big undertaking to do right!

indian music and scales are not a homogenous entity and there are huge differences between Carnatic music and hudistani music for example.

technically part of what makes indian music so special though is the microtonal notes/double flats.

here are some examples of Carnatic scales transcribed into western notation

*indian music and scales are not a homogenous entity and there are huge differences between Carnatic music and hindustani music for example.

Great plugins and education tools here if you are interested:

WOW, interesting series of instruments here

and I see some are very close to African djembe and other percussions

I was initially very excited to purchase from Swar Systems. They do have the best collection of playable Indian instruments in the world along with the largest collections of Ragas in the plugin market. Swar plug does support MPE which is very nice. That’s where it generally ends though. They are a very small company on a small budget so most of the instruments don’t sound good. They went with quantity vs quality. Since I own Swarplug, I will say that am not impressed with how they executed their ideas. Many of the instruments that I have used were recorded poorly with constant audible volume clipping and generally bad recordings that require extensive mixing knowledge to sound any good. If you want an instrument or two to shine in your recordings good luck. If you need accompaniment instruments buried deeper in the mix then this is a decent choice. Sorry for the negativity, but I was very disappointed considering Swarplug cost over $300. I ended up with a much smaller, but the imminently more playable, excellently recorded and pre mixed India Discovery Series.