Indian Scales

I have been mapping indian scales to western scales for some months. Can those be somehow represented in Scaler ?

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Hi @Bilal

yes, we plan on supporting more scale types so we would be interested, what would you like to add?

We still have a bit of work to support all of Scaler features for any type of scale, but there might be things we can support more easily than others, we can have a look.


There are more than 500 indian scales. The only feature that will hinder accurate depiction of complex scale is differentiating between ascending and descending degrees. Because more than 70 % indian scales would have different ascending and descending degrees. The best example for the above case in western music is melodic minor. Also there are secondary notes in addition to primary notes. Also there is concept of emphasis notes where some notes in the scale are played more than others to emphasise the mood of the scale.

The main value addition would be writing chord progressions for each scale which gets tricky otherwise if we keep all above things in mind.

Hi Bilal, Arabic and Indian scales is something we would love to employ with accurate consistency. This would require some kind of incorporation of a microtonal system. I have written music for major media in both India and Saudi Arabia and would have loved Scaler to help, particularly as a midi effect. We will get there, just maybe needs more time to get it right. If you have any specific suggestions that may work for both ascending and descending and doesn’t involve microtones or syllabic dependency we would love to hear them.


Hey Davide

Microtonal aspect of music is one big dimension that will open up alot of details. The things I am suggesting can be started with equal temperament also.

  • To start with we can simply use different colors for ascending and descending degrees. In the next stage we can integrate this feature with scale lock capability.
  • Providing scale specific chords that depict mood of the scale. Generally simple major or minor triads do not work with indian scales and we have to come up with other chords as primary chords of the scale to preserve the mood. I am working on this.
  • A scale play button that runs notes of the scale in specified pattern.
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I would also be interested in this feature and I’m glad the dev team are looking into it!

it would be good to have Carnatic scales mela ragas too. here are some examples approximated into western notation (using some double flats) from here: Carnatic Mela Ragas Chart.

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The non-12-equal tuning options could be managed externally by using VI’s that accept scala tunings. Scaler could bundle tuning maps as an option download for those who would use them. Then the scale could have a tuning recommendation in parenthesis, e.g., Scale X (scala X1)