Inspirational music

Amazing what a well chosen chord progression with some improvised guitar and effects can do… (not my work)

Now if only having a way to feed Scaler chord progressions into a guitar and opportunistic effects :wink:

Initially, I thought “I don’t recall @Bernd saying he’d taken up guitar” - but he hasn’t. However, what a really great track to share - thanks! (Exactly what I would aspire to, but beyond me, so the axe sits forlornly in the corner :slightly_frowning_face:

… got all the kit to do this, but not the skills :cry:

Sorry for the confusiohn, never intended to create the impression that I created that masterpiece. Thought it was obvious from the Youtube credits/title.

I don’t play physical instruments. But one could be tempted to do so… but then, I wonder whether something like this would be doable with some of the guitar libraries and special effects…

be curious as to what the original musician actually used :melting_face:

That was me being thick, rather than any confusion by you. Thanks for the pointer, and I’ll be d/ling more of that guy.

I’m pretty sure that this could be done on a keyboard reasonably well, but I think it would certainly need after touch, and preferably key after touch rather than channel, so that you have three degrees of freedom i.e. mod, velocity and pressure to get a good patch.

One classic is the Eric Persing ‘Wailing Guitar’ for the JD-800 andJD-990

The Roland Zen core has an ‘emulation’, but I decided not to go the Roland Zenology route because they didn’t model the synth, merely tried to emulate the patches. Not the same thing more more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to use the 5,000 JD patches I have, as the Zen gizmo does speak JD Sysex.

OK, this inspired me a bit tonight. Ambient-ish song.

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