Installed 2.8 but...still 2.6 opens

I’m so confused. I downloaded & installed the upgrade to version 2.8, but somehow, whenever I add the plug-in to Studio One 6 on an M1 Mac OS Ventura 13.4, Scaler 2.6 always opens. What am I doing wrong? Help please.

You need to say whether you are on a PC or a Mac. A Mac will be different, which is a garment you wear when it’s raining. So I can’t help with that.

If on a PC, you might have two copies i.e. the VST3 and VST2 versions. [VST3 has a file extension ‘.vst3’]

It’s easy to make a slip when installing other than the vst3 version. because you can install them anywhere. Different products use different default directories, as there is no standard.

So lets concentrate on VST3. There is now a standard location which is
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. Search for ‘Scaler2.vst3’ in that folder and right click and examine ‘properties.’ It should look like this


i.e. 48,321,536 bytes long.

If it is, that’s 2.8. Now when you load it into Studio One, make sure it’s from that location. If it’s not, you need to check the installation file you ran. The download file from PIB would have been ‘’
I don’t know Studio One, but you need to make sure you have rescanned the plugins folders, if such a thing exists with that software.

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I’m on an Apple M1 MacBook Pro.

Are you opening the AU or VST version? Did you reboot after install? Try installing again and then reboot.

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I’m opening the VST3 version. I Did reboot my computer after install.

My guess would be you installed one version in the Home folder and maybe one in the System folder. Does Studio One have a plug-in manager that tells you where the plug-ins are installed and what version it is seeing. I haven’t used Studio One since version 4.

Thanks everyone. I found Studio One’s Plug-In Manager, and used it to locate all of the Scaler 2.6 files. I deleted all of them. Then I reinstalled scaler 2.8 and rebooted my Mac. Now Scaler 2.8 is working! I appreciate all of the help on fixing this!