Introduction to CHORD Variations

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create variations of SCALE chords.

So starting with a simple progression on the MAIN page

click on the variations to the chords we can VARIATIONS button

and select the degree of the scale for which we want variations from the drop-down

Selecting the Supertonic (i.e second degree of the scale = F in this example) displays a list of variations for the F chord all of which are in scale.

Note that this approach only displays variations that are in scale although it does include chord extensions for the scale chords.

If we want more variations, inversions or variations of non-scale chords (in this progression if we had a Fmin chord it is a non-scale chord) we can use the CHORD page.


For more advanced consider using the Chord page by clicking on the CHORD button. Here you can find suggestions for chords that are more complex extensions of the scale chords. See Introduction to the CHORDS page tutorial for more explanations on how to use this page.